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50 BC

Di Sciascio - a story that stands for the art of Italian craftsmanship. The aristocratic name Di Sciascio, stretching far back into the history of the Italian kingdoms of the 1500s, exemplifies the family's consistently impressive claims. It is well established in family circles that the name Di Sciascio derives from the man of the sea. He was a man who had already made his name in the days of the Romans and kingdoms with the trade in exclusive fabrics, unique foods and one-of-a-kind items such as rare animals, special productions of handmade furniture from Africa and swords from Japan and much more. His trade was immensely successful, so the name Di Sciascio became part of the nobility. The knowledge and skills that the Di Sciascio family had lost during the war were spread over generations. After 1915 there wasn't much left of what used to be, except for the name. Calm had returned and Di Sciascio was a breathtaking story, because the name Di Sciascio was more than a symbol for the extraordinary trade: Di Sciascio stood next to exclusivity for fearlessness for the voyages with exclusive goods on the sea. The name was synonymous with charm as the name was known for rhetoric and lyricism. The name stood for taste, because in addition to cultivated objects, only the finest foods did justice to Di Sciascio. The name stood for love, because it was always shared. Di Sciascio is undoubtedly an inimitable way of life, not to be forgotten in its charming ways.


After the Second World War, the Di Sciascios made clothes in a small tailor's shop near Rome and lived up to their name, using fabrics such as Filo di Scozia or silk and the precise processing of the clothes was a milestone for the era. In addition to the extravagant, high-quality workmanship and its materials, there were always unique styles and unusual designs that were hardly imaginable at the time. The reputation of the small tailoring shop was so courted that no less well-known personalities such as Guccio Gucci found their way there. He also entered the fashion and textile world around 1946. The master saddler Guccio was already known in Florence for high-quality leather goods. He strengthened his entry into the textile industry with a small but fine joint apprenticeship in the small tailoring shop Di Sciascio. The shared knowledge was later to achieve great things, because in the post-war period, aesthetics was purely a muse of definition. And so the paths of the textile manufacturers smoothed out in the most masterful way. A few years later, the Di Sciascios' order situation had increased so enormously that even pure exclusivity was no longer a benchmark. Unyieldingly, many families and gentlemen had their clothes made there in order to have a precious cloth of tailoring. But out of love for life and the newborn, the Di Sciascio family decided to close the adventurous tailoring shop for the time being. A passion for food, conviviality and merriment soon developed: it was common to stop at the Di Sciascio house for good and unusual food, but only occasionally. And further offspring after offspring were born.


Over the years, descendants Mario & Attilio Di Sciascio found their way into the craft in the world of gastronomy. While younger brother Attilio traveled the world from Italy to Hong Kong, Mario Di Sciascio found his way to Mannheim, Germany. Attilio Di Sciascio did well to study brilliant seeds in Italy and to acquire the art of food in order to pass on his knowledge in Europe, Asia, Russia and the Arab Emirates. There he taught professors, teachers and industries about the machinations of Italian food for years. His older brother Mario Di Sciascio began an apprenticeship as a master locksmith and saddler, but later opened an Italian restaurant in Germany. With his Italian wife, Filomena, he gave birth to 3 children: Maria, Toni and Gianni. Gianni Di Sciascio took over the family restaurant and also re-entered the world of fashion and opened the boutique Di Sciascio, in which Toni Di Sciascio also worked. The fashion for this was specially produced in Italy. Collections from the Di Sciascio line were always completely sold out shortly after their introduction. Everything about the Di Sciascio fashion line promised exclusivity and uniqueness. In 1999, however, the Di Sciascio brothers again had to close the boutique for family reasons. The legendary gastronomy took over the life of the Di Sciascios, because they also made more than just a name for themselves. Gastronomy became a source of joie de vivre and joy in and around the villages. Gianni and Toni mastered the rise to professional gastronomy in what was then still a "pizzeria". A new milestone for gastronomy was born.


Gianni Di Sciascio, forefather of the textile and gastronomy manufacture of the Di Sciascio family, established in his time until today together with his brother, wife and sons extraordinary gastronomy. With 5 restaurants on the Hessian Bergstraße, in which Toni also independently managed an extraordinary gastronomy at a demanding Italian level, the Di Sciascios underpinned the quality of their own name. In 2019, however, the family suffered a stroke of fate, because 2 of the largest restaurants inevitably burned down. The following Corona years led the family to the brink of existence. With the zeal and courage to develop, the sons Mario II and Fernando fueled the resurrection and, together with father Gianni, built the upcoming restaurants in the style of the Italo-American 1950s, developed food products together with Attilio Di Sciascio, harvested their own wine in Tuscany as well as olives and much more in the name of the Di Sciascios, all of which promise exclusivity at the limit of what is possible. Katja Di Sciascio, wife of Gianni and mother of Mario II and Fernando Di Sciascio, also opened her own boutique. Everything to do with the Di Sciascio name has been reinvented. It was precisely through the exceptionally managed gastronomy that Mario II and Fernando discovered the sense of their inherent ability to express aesthetics. The craftsmanship and the eye for the stylistically right things make Di Sciascio unique in every way. Eclectic, contemporary and romantic, Di Sciascio products represent the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for quality and attention to detail. Altro deve ancora venire.

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