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After blending, they are then stored in steel tanks until they are finally bottled. Maturation in the bottle takes another 6 months. Due to the complex process, only very few bottles are produced each year and passed on by us. Here too, the color promises a treat for the palate through an even more intense ruby red with much more intense violet reflections than the Via Fonte.  The bouquet is very intense like the colors and characterized by fruity notes such as full cherries . Floral notes and spices can also be seen in the bouquet. The taste of the Ape is a tale of pleasure: it glides harmoniously along the palate and is elegantly recognizable in its good structure. Finally, it remains soft and long in the finish. The Ape is an event for beef, baked or grilled lamb, game stews and aged cheeses. Tasty and roasted vegetables and rare delicatessen variations. An accompaniment for the romance in people, taste and love am Abend.​ A bee that could not be more royal.

ape e amore

The Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IGT), the place of origin of this work of art of rotem wine is the coast of Tuscany. Also from the Di Sciascios vineyard in Piombino in the Val di Corina, Italy. A place in Italy where only the finest vines are harvested and every detail altered can create fireworks of change on the palate. Exquisite and elegant like the queen of all bees is the unparalleled Ape wine. The bee is unique in its form and nature, even biologically and physically impossible, but nature was born to create miracles and it was nothing else that made us create a wine in the name of the Ape who lets the magic of nature shine.

The "ape" is a pure wine, a perfect Cabernet Sauvignon. His vines also grow in an east-west direction, but on stubborn and mostly loamy soil. Especially loamy soils keep vital substances and minerals inside and the loam makes it easier for the vines to absorb them. Each grape is picked manually at the Ape at the end of September  and carefully guarded in the wooden boxes, in the style of pollination by bees. The Ape is different from the Via Fonte, extracted and prepared by gentle pressing. The maceration takes place cold and is very short. Fermentation takes place at controlled temperature in small thermoconditioned steel vats for 20-35 days. This is followed by the spontaneous malolactic fermentation at the end of the alcoholic fermentation. This Cabernet Sauvignon then exists for the aging in barriques of Allier oak for 12 months.







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