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il palato romantico

The place of origin of this wine is, like our other wines, Piombino in Val di Corina, Italy. Mit 0 % Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Cabernet Franc, La Regina becomes a glow of ecstasy. The vines, growing south-east & north-west on clayey-calcareous mineral-rich soil, are hand-picked in September, when phenolic maturity is reached, and carefully collected in crates. The grapes are aged for 18 months in Allier oak barrels. After blending, the fine drop is stored in steel tanks until bottling.  The grapes de-stemmed_gently-gently bb3b-136bad5cf58d_pressed. The fermentation process takes place at controlled temperature in thermoconditioned steel tanks for 20-25 days. The Spontaneous mololactic fermentation occurs at the end of the alcoholic fermentation. Finally, the inspiring wine  is further matured in bottles for over 6 months before it can be passed on. The small edition of the grandiose drop, which only a few but impressive bottles can be expected, is particularly captivating. At times only 1,000 bottles could be produced. The color spectrum is specific to the queen of red wines, similar to its namesake, the dragonfly, the colors shimmer between ruby red and coral violet reflections. The bouquet is colossally intense and persistent. With pronounced notes of roasted, vanilla and coffee, the queen makes herself unique. Spicy, fruity and, above all, balsamic aromas are also recognizable, which promise a climax. The good structure, freshness and spiciness give the taste buds a wake-up that continues in an articulated and elegant progression. The long finish is delightful and a minimal hint of tannins is noticeable. The final mouth flavor is an impressive result of full, red cherries steeped in alcohol. La Regina fits an occasion that is rarely an anchor in our history. La Regina is the queen of ecstasy and a spectacle on the palate.

la regina


A character of nature and a pure setting of charm. La Regina is melting pleasure and exclusivity  on the palate. She is the queen of wines and combines the charisma of the perfect coast Tuscany with the most spirited innenFlavours. La Regina is as rare, as delicate, as elegant and as graceful as nature's masterpiece: the dragonfly.







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