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Da Mario's

A restaurant that creates change. A restaurant that inspires. A place where time is forgotten and a place where emotions create a glow of passion.


Da Mario's

Ein Restaurant, dass Veränderung schafft. Ein Restaurant, dass begeistert. Ein Ort an dem die Zeit vergessen wird und ein Ort an dem Emotionen eine Glut von Leidenschaft hervorbringt.


 The culture of

La Dolce Vita

Mo - Fr . 11.30 - 23.00

Sa - So .  17.00 - 00.00


Our passion is characterized by accuracy, devotion and attention to detail. We work every day to make everyone's evening better, starting with our classic Italian and unusual starters. To offer our guests a unique level of Di Sciascio gastronomy, we change our menu weekly for pasta dishes and unrivaled recommendations. Of course, always recommendations and special features from the boss personally. For us, going to Trattoria Rossini is more than just a simple evening. It is a place where wine reigns, a place where Italian cuisine reigns, a place where staying is a virtue and the charm of La Dolce Vita is determined by the tailor-made dishes. I, Toni Di Sciascio, as the manager of the Trattoria Rossini, vouch for this with my name and work every day to make gastronomy an eventful experience. To celebrate it especially in a glow of desire and taste. The will to reinvent myself every day, to set no limits to creativity, determines my presence and this is the only way I can express being and authentically convey it to the guests. If the claim is not to be perfect, it is not fair to use the word. Feel free to take a look at our map now.


NO. 2

The restaurant is a place of poetry, fantasy and melancholy. The muse of music, which is played live on various event days on the in-house stage and the voluminous speakeasy bar, makes almost every evening unforgettable, because music played live is an indescribable feeling if it is saved with the right drinks and people. Every show, every appearance and every spectacle in this gastronomy scene is the quiet whisper in the ears of “La Dolce Vita” in the middle of Darmstadt.



With its 199 seats, Da Mario's LITTLE ITALY offers enough space for conferences, events, weddings and events of all kinds. The stage in particular, on which live music is always played, is also ideal for speakers, comedians, special occasions or more.

Would you like to rent the event location?

Send us your request with enough details and we will make it possible.


Da Mario's

You can find our stage plan for upcoming events here.

Further information on Instagram & Facebook at @disciasciofood or @damarioslittleitaly

Tanz in den Mai

01.05. - 31.05.2024

Highlights im Mai

Mehr dazu auf Instagram & Facebook @disciasciofood und @damarioslittleitaly

Fool me once, Fool me twice 'April'

01.04. - 30.04.2024

Highlights im April

Mehr dazu auf Instagram & Facebook @disciasciofood und @damarioslittleitaly

The 'March' of Live

01.03. - 31.03.2024

Highlights im März

Der sympathische New Yorker Entertainer & Songwriter ist ein Garant für absolutes Top Entertainment at it‘s Best, deshalb begleitet uns Will G. Soul im März erneut mit Saxophon-Solo-Begleitung. Aber auch das Laubenheimer Kammerensemble verwöhnt uns in 5-facher Besetzung zu filmreifer Musik gefolgt von Monia Krüchten, die Power-Soul-Stimme im LITTLE ITALY. 

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Mehr dazu auf Instagram & Facebook @disciasciofood und @damarioslittleitaly

Love, Live, Music

01.02 - 29.02.2024

Highlights im Februar

Im Februar, dem Monat der Liebe, verstecken sich viele Highlights im Da Mario's LITTLE ITALY. Zu unseren wöchentlichen Live-Music-Acts zu jedem Wochenende durch Will G. Soul im Solo Auftritt oder ein weiteres Mal mit Saxophon-Solo-Begleitung, sowie Jessica Born hat auch der Valentinstag eine romantische Kulisse aus Flügel-Musik durch Lana Keys bereit gehalten.


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Mehr dazu auf Instagram & Facebook @disciasciofood und @damarioslittleitaly


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